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Routing Finder

The Routing Finder function helps in finding alternative liners by providing access to one year's worth of voyage information. It helps users make informed decisions about the best available routes for their shipments.

Quotation Management - Exporters and Importers

The Quotation Management function for Shippers streamlines the entire quotation process. You can easily create, send, approve, compare, copy, and track versions of your requests. The function allows you to set custom terms and conditions, and provides reporting and filtering of all historical data. It also supports multiple vendors, enabling you to easily manage and compare quotes from different suppliers.

Quotation Management - Forwarders and Liners

This function allows forwarders and liners to prepare, send, and track versions of freight quotations. Users can access their historical data to view their company quotation database and track who gave the quotation, when it was given, and the details of the freight. Additionally, the function enables users to track the discussion and version history of the quotation process.

Compare Quotations

The Compare Quotation function allows users to quickly and easily compare up to 10 quotations and identify the best offer based on all-in costs. With just one click, users can access estimated freight costs for each quotation and make informed decisions on which offer to accept. This feature helps streamline the quotation comparison process and saves time for users.

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Booking allows users to manage their shipment booking process with ease. The function provides alternative vessel and voyage options and allows users to link their quotations and bookings. This ensures a streamlined and efficient process for managing shipping logistics.

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Container Tracking

The Container Tracking function allows users to track their container movements in real-time and receive notifications for any demurrage or storage charges. It also provides information on major events throughout the journey of the container and allows users to track the live position of their container.

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The optimal logistics service that perfectly fits your company's unique needs, offering the right balance of fair pricing and top-notch quality

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Your logistics operations by managing your freight quotations and shipments on a single platform, while enjoying full traceability and visibility every step of the way

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To the hassle of collecting and comparing freight options through non-standard communication channels. On ShipMind, easily compare freight options with minimal effort and avoid unnecessary complexities

Advantages of using Shipmind

Importer / Exporter

rf LogoReach multiple suppliers with one click
rf LogoSee and compare incoming freights on a single screen
rf LogoBook shipments without any hassle
rf LogoTrack your load with an easy and convenient screen

Logistics Service Provider

rf LogoFind new customers, expand your portfolio
rf LogoReceive regular freight quotation request and reply easily
rf LogoEasily find your given freight and correspondence
rf LogoTrack the loads and inform your customer on time

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